Ibrahim Arandi

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My name is Ibrahim Arandi an Engineer by Profession but I don’t practice it at the moment since I had a passion for working online. I had decided in advance that I would never be employed after finishing my studies. So when I saw the GIF Opportunity I didn’t...

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Mutea Evans

evans (Custom)-min

I am Mutea Evans. A computer science graduate with a deep interest in online marketing and Networking.   5 years ago,while in my second year of study, I called myself for a meeting and thought ahead regarding my career. After some research, I realized that hundreds of thousands of...

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Alex Macharia

alex (Custom)-min

My name is Alex Macharia. I am a Young Man with big vision and who have just graduated from university as a Teacher/ Accountant .The current economy has seen so many graduates turn from undergraduates to unemployed. Its Pathetic to hear graduates share the same name with street boys...

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Caroline Mwende

carol (Custom)-min

Caroline Mwende is a very confident, proactive and enthusiastic about a greater, brighter and productive life. A go getter who goes for challenges head-on and has a conquering mentality.    As a child, just like any other little girl I had dreams. I dreamt of growing into a beautiful...

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Camillus Konjalo

camillus (Custom)-min

DREAMS & LIFESTYLE MADE POSSIBLE THROUGH ONLINE WORK My Name is Camillus Konjalo, a very aggressive and confident young man who believes in dreaming big and achieving big. .. I went through a normal life like any other Kenyan boy. My parents told me and constantly encouraged me to...

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