Hello Reader. Welcome To our Online Presentation/Training On how to Work And Make Money Online just using your smartphone. Let’s get Straight To the Point and Get Started. 


Our company is Called Global Internet Fortunes (GIF),Screenshot_20210303_022902GIF is a web hosting and online marketing company that sells its services through the concept of Network Marketing. We sell digital services. GIF is a legitimate company that operates both locally and internationally. The following details can be used as proof of GIF’s Legitimacy and you can take these government Registration Codes to any Government HUDUMA CENTER and you’ll Verify that We are a LEGIT COMPANYScreenshot_20210422_181318GIF is licensed by the Communication Authority of Kenya ( CAK) which is a government board that is in charge of ICT in Kenya.Screenshot_20210220_203959They are responsible for licenses of Telecommunication, Media and Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) companies.

 we are also licensed by Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC). KENIC is the entity charged with the management and registration of the local Kenyan domain extension the .ke, Some examples of the local extension are:. – for Companies – for Not-for-Profit-Making Organisations or NGO’s. 

GIF is currently the leading domain registrar in kenya.

img_8007-1-1024x1536-1Meet the Our CEO AND FOUNDER OF GIF Mr Kimathi Kamundeh, Former Sales Manager at Old Mutual Insurance company. Top Kenyan Marketer with over 16 years Experience. And also a Board member at KENIC.

NB: If You Are Going To Get Started In Any Online Work Business In Kenya Today. Always Check On How Solid Is The Support System By The Company Once You Get Started? In Short Do They Have A Physical Accountable Head Office(s) For Supporting Its Members? Below Are The BIG 6 HEAD OFFICES for Our Online Work Platform NAIROBI, NAKURU, ELDORET, MOMBASA, KISUMU & KAKAMEGA. What’s Your Office Location I Book Or Re-Book A Chance For You To Work With Us? Comment In The Comment Section At The Bottom.




GIF is a business. A good business offers either PRODUCTS or SERVICES. A product is tangible whereas a service is not tangible. In this Case, GIF Sells digital Services. Meaning you need a smartphone to be able to access our services. Our services are:

✅Electronic Airtime

✅E- learning

✅Digital marketing trainings



✅We Market the above Services Through a Concept Called Network Marketing.


Network Marketing you first become a customer of a product or service then you go ahead and refer a customer to use the same service that you’re using. When you do this the company will pay you a commission for reselling their services.

In Network Marketing you first become a customer of a product or service then you go ahead and refer a customer to use the same service that you’re using. When you do this the company will pay you a commission for reselling their services.


screenshot_20180903-140859 (1)– we Embrace this concept Because it’s one of the MOST PAYING CAREER Sand highly recommended by financial experts Like Donald trump, Bill gates and Robert kiyosaki and also its the same concept Safaricom and insurance industry uses to make profits.




A customer is simply a user of GIF service. What you will get from GIF is a website. When you use the website you get from GIF to make money online you’re referred to as a customer.


There are 3 ways to make money as a GIF customer.


1. Online Advertising

A customer can offer online advertising or run business adverts on the blog/website and charge for that service. One can get paid for this service per click(Google adverts) or per sale(Affiliate Marketing with company like (JUMIA/KILLIMALL). This means that everytime someone clicks on the advert you earn or if one buys you get paid. This is a powerful way to earn passive income.

2. Market/Promote Your Own Business

Assuming you have a business eg you sell shoes, clothes, phones, juice,cake,fruits etc you can market these products on your website/blog and get customers for your business thus making more profits.

3. Become An Expert Blogger And Get Hired


✅We train you to became an expert blogger and stand a chance to get hired as a social media manager by different companies/individuals. So many companies/individuals need people who have online expertise to manage social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs etc


An agent is a representative of the company. Meaning you will be Reselling GIF digital services on the company’s behalf and the company will be paying you commissions per sale. For example, let’s take a look at other Agents That You know Like ~MPESA AGENTS, INSURANCE AGENTS etc.. How much does it cost to become an mpesa Agent for instance? Over 100K. photogrid_1556607887823So in short to be an agent you will be running a business therefore you need capital to start the business.

Screenshot_20210507_120953The cost of investment to become GIF Agent and customer is KSHS 3,700 ($37). We use dollars mostly because this is a global company just like the name suggests.


Members who pay $37 (KSH. 3,700) to UPGRADE Their accounts are called AGENTS/RESELLERS or CUSTOMERS because they have Bought or purchased GIF Premium Services package and at the same time GIF allows you to Re-Sell our services and Earn Commissions from the sales You make.


How you earn money as an AGENT

An Agent is basically a reseller of the GIF Services. The agents earn when they make a direct sale or leverage from their team that they have build over time.


📌The table below shows how much percentage of commissions you earn when YOU and YOUR TEAM purchase Airtime through our GIF platform:


If you purchase Safaricom/Telkom/Airtel Airtime through GIF platform, You earn 2% of the Airtime amount you will have purchase.This is called PERSONAL PURCHASE Bonus (PPB). When the people in your team in LEVEL 2 to LEVEL 7 purchase safaricom,Telkom and Airtel Airtime, you will earn 0.5% commission bonus from their Airtime purchase. Screenshot_20210507_121150THIS IS POWERFUL BECAUSE EVERYONE IN KENYA IS ALREADY USING AIRTIME. YOU CAN EARN UPTO KSH40,000 MONTHLY, WITH OUR AIRTIME PLATFORM. WE CALL IT TALK TO EARN PLATFORM BECAUSE YOU EARN JUST FOR USING AIRTIME. 

NB: There is no limitation to the number of customers and agents you can and or bring in in any given level starting from level 1 up to level 7. Your work is simply to get a few serious customers and agents in your level one with the help of me as your inviter who will then duplicate the same to build your level 2 and all the other levels automatically up to level 7 as you earn leverage income shown in the illustration below where we are assuming that you will work with the power of 5.

  • OUR AGENTS EARN Commissions in THREE Main Ways:

1) Direct Sales – You earn $10 (kshs1,000) from all Direct sales to INFINITY WIDTH that means there is no limit to the number of people you can/should get in your level one. All Direct sales are Referred to as Level 1. These are the people you have referred directly to Join GIF using your username.

📌As illustrated in the image below assuming you are working with the power of 5 and refer 5 people directly in your level 1 who join the business at a tiny fee of $37 (3,700) each, you are going to make a whooping 5×$10 = $500 (5,000) which means you have already got a return of your investment and made a profit which is the aim of every business a person starts.

The diagram below shows the power of 5 distribution 


2) MATCHING BONUSES – All THE SALES that you earn from your Level 2 to Level 7 are referred to as matching bonuses or leverage income. Which means that is not your personal effort but from your team effort who you have coached on how to start and run their business with the help of me as your inviter.

Now we will teach your 5 level 1 directs how to refer 5 customers each which means you will be having a total of 5×5=25 customers in your level 2 and earn a total of $5 level 2 matching bonus resulting to an income of 25×$5 = $125 from team effort. The same concept duplicates in your level 3 to 7 resulting to the incomes below.

✅Level 3 income will be 125×$5 = $625 from team effort.

✅Level 4 income will be 625×$3 = $1,875 from team effort.

✅Level 5 income will be 3,125×$3= $9,375 from team effort.

✅Level 6 income will be 15,625×$2 = $31,250 from team effort.

✅Level 7 income will be 78,125×$2 = $156,250 from team effort. See the figure above for illustration.


This Powerful Payplan is designed using a concept called “Network Marketing” to create Powerful Viral Duplicating and Team Building System that goes to Infinity DEPTH & INFINITY WIDTH to Create an AUTOMATED ONLINE CASH MACHINE that never Stops Making cash for You 24/7/365 to Infinity WIDTH & DEPTH.

The GIF payplan Guarantees Quick Break and a Quick Explosive Growth of your Income to Build a STEADY Job Replacing Residual INCOME.

✅ MONTHLY RENEWAL COMMISSION Bonus. Renewals You Earn $1 from Level 1 – Level 7

Every month You and your Team will be Renewing the Account with a tiny Fee of $10 (ksh 1,000)


The chart below illustrate very well How you will be Earning Residual Income monthly From Your Team L1 – L7. Screenshot_20210220_200544Imagine Earning 9.7M Monthly without lifting a Finger from the Team Renewals… That’s if the system works 100% for you. Life never gives you 100%. Factor in failure rate in GIF networking business, say you fail 90% And Achieve Only 10% Success. What’s 10% of 9.7M?? With only 10% success you still make 900K Monthly Income . Where else can you make such an income in the next 3 ~ 4 years if not GIF.. Make a decision today to part of this

Below is a Total illustration of the Combined Total income from CRB, matching bonuses and Renewals


For you to succeed in GIF you need to support the people that you bring on board by guiding them through how everything works.

Your inviter will be guiding you on how to build your team or network.


To get started, you need first to sign up a free account where you will be receiving your Earnings. Follow the steps below to create your account:


Click on JOIN 

Enter your inviter’s username (You can’t join without a username. So Request for a username from the person who sent you this link.) 

Once you enter the username, Click on the button written “Click here to continue.”

Enter your details. Create your username and password.

Agree to the terms and conditions by checking in the small boxes.

Enter the security code provided at the bottom. 

Click on the button written “Continue to registration” 

A notification will be sent to your email notifying you that your account has been successfully created. Click on the the link in the email to verify your account. 

You will now be able to login to your account as a member. 


The next Part is To Upgrade your account by Paying the KSH. 3,700. This Cash is Meant to Purchase the GIF services and Register you as an Agent. You pay this Money Via Either Mpesa, Equitel, Airtel money, Paypal, Mastercard among others. For Mpesa follow this Process:



Well, seeing is Believing. Below are some of the members who decided to join GIF and are now Earning a job replacing income working online. if they can do it you can do it. below are the weekly incomes.


Screenshot_20210422_182110Kalvin kibugi is a graduate who did Electrical Engineering as his course. He got started in the business while he was still studying, working part time, after graduating he decided not go looking for jobs and decided to concentrate and continue working with GIF on a full-time basis.  


Denis Kibet is NYS student doing the business on a part-time basis making a whooping 10,000 on a weekly basis.

YVONNE MUENI Was formerly in the National Youth Service(NYS) before she joined us. She quit NYS after coming across online work opportunity. Her story is so powerful because from Being broke in the NYS To An Online Entrepreneur Independent Lady Today earns over ksh. 16,000 Every Week. She says it is better to Make your own Kshs 64,000 Monthly Than depend on someone else to give you money. Nothing is sweeter than Earning your own money.

Abraham Kuol. Am a South Sudanese by nationality. I purposely came to Kenya for studies. I successfully completed my high school in 2018 at Bahati Academy in Nakuru. Life was not easy since I was depending on my brother financially until I came across a God-sent opportunity of GIF. GIF has totally changed my financial status as a form four graduate. I comfortably pay my bills and helping my family members back home in South Sudan. Today in GIF, I can afford any lifestyle of my choice at my young age that some of my age mates cant afford. I’m Praying that the Company opens GIF office in South Sudan capital so as the jobless youth can benefit from the Online Marketing Business of GIF. I’m aspiring to be a network marketing pioneer in my country. I thank the GIF Management for coming up with this Life-Changing Opportunity. Screenshot_20210422_182236Denis Mutie, is a Maths teacher graduate from Machakos University. I joined Global Internet Fortunes (GIF) in April 2018 after working in poultry business for 8 months and earning peanuts. The main reason I ventured into GIF business was because I Never wanted to teach students how to pass exams instead I chose to teach people how to make money online. Through GIF business, I have managed to earn a job replacing income and I don’t ask for money from my parents and relatives to survive but instead, I support myself fully. I am working hard with GIF to purchase my car and drive my first car in my 20s which I would not have been possible if I chose to be a teacher.mercy-min-Custom-min 

Mercy Maina, a third-year student in the Technical University of Mombasa. Before joining GIF I was just a broke student in my second year. I must say GIF is a God-sent opportunity. Since the day I came across GIF I was at a point where I was about to defer my studies due to lack of school fees. Being a firstborn in my family I had no one else to depend on except my parents who were very broke at the time. I decided to join the GIF opportunity since I wanted more out of life and I was tired of being behind my bills and always broke. I realized I didn’t have enough money to pay my fees, I had to find a legitimate way and make it happen. I thank God for this opportunity, as it is the best decision I ever made in my life. I can now pay my school fees now and support my family as well. The future is so promising with GIF that I don’t see myself looking for a JOB after completing university. My burning desire is to uplift others who are willing to change their lives.picture20-768x577-1

GIF has enabled individuals to accomplish their goals and dreams in a very short period of time. Very young individuals already are driving their own cars courtesy of working online with GIF.. This is the best opportunity that compresses on time frames and helps you achieve your dreams faster.


Mr. Alex Macharia: is a teacher by profession, once he was exposed to the GIF Opportunity he left his teaching career to give his GIF business full attention and in a span of 2 years he has managed to buy himself a brand new Subaru Impreza.


Meet Mr. Camillus Konjalo: who used to work in an Insurance company. However, he wasn’t happy with the kind of salary that he was earning. He was looking for other opportunities to engage in in order to earn extra income to supplement his current income. One day he came across the GIF Opportunity and was amazed by how much one can earn online. His search had finally came to an end and decide to resign from his previous job and begun working on GIF opportunity on a full-time basis. Running the business for a span of 3 years he has accomplished a lot and on top of his accomplishments, he has bought himself a brand new Toyota Fielder.

Meet Mr Evans Mutea: who bought his first car when he was still as a student at Technical University of Kenya (TUK) 


Pauline Njoroge. Pauline Njoroge is a Procurement officer by profession, she Joined GIF when she was a student and once she graduated she decided to work with us on a full-time basis, 4 Years down the line she was able to but her first car courtesy of GIF. 


Caroline Mwende: She’s a graduate who was in a job earning Kshs 25,000 monthly, but she decided to quit her job and do the business on a full time basis. Last year Dec 2019 she just bought her first car courtesy of online work. 

If they Did it You can Also Do it, The best Time to Get Started is Now .Screenshot_20210220_184832


Edited by Kalvin Kibugi.


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