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My name is Alex Macharia. I am a Young Man with big vision and who have just graduated from university as a Teacher/ Accountant .The current economy has seen so many graduates turn from undergraduates to unemployed. Its Pathetic to hear graduates share the same name with street boys & primary school drop outs- ‘HUSTLERS’.
The same intellects are now trying their LUCK through betting(sportpesa) and other gambling games or odd jobs. An article on Daily Nation Newspaper gave out shocking statistics that over 5 million Kenyans have become betting addicts, 80% of them are youths where most of them lose more times than they win. The question is why are Kenyans becoming that gullible?. This is due to the frustration that this people go through after they try to look for opportunities out there.I didn’t want to be Part of this Statistics and that’s Why I chose to work With Global Internet Fortunes as a Professional Online Marketer. 
In today’s economy, you don’t need to be employed by someone for you to be successful. As a matter of fact, self employment is the BEST job in the current economy. 
Internet has taken over the world. Almost 90% of everything we are using today is in one way or another technologically driven. The question is what do you do with your internet.
As most young Kenyans are mourning unemployment and underpaying jobs, Great and better things are happening Online. Let me share briefly my experience working online.
I joined a Kenyan online Company Called Global Internet Fortunes as a 4th year student from University of Nairobi.All I wanted was to make an extra income of 5,000-10,000 monthly PART TIME before I graduated. As a student this could help me with my upkeep and other personal vendettas. I did the business seriously and by my second month in business I could make an average income of ksh 8,000 per month .This was a good income bearing in mind I was still continuing with my studies. 
When I finished my studies I decided never to write a CV to beg for a job as most fresh graduates do. This was because my online business was already giving me a job replacing income of 15-20k per week that is ksh 60,000-80,000 per month.This was Far much above what I could be making as an Accountant in a normal job. After 2 years in business, I was able to buy my First car which is a SUBARU IMPREZA. 
I believe anyone can change his/her life at any point within 3-6 months.The question is how? With the power of internet and technology ,you can achieve your dreams faster.I have done this and that’s why am saying Anybody Can.
Now I DO my online marketing business like my life hung on it. I know as a graduate ,the society expects alot from me and that cannot not be achieved while earning peanuts as an Accountant/Teacher. 
I Joined GIF for two reasons:-
1.Time freedom⏱-I hate being micro managed ie having to report to someone’s job at 8am -5pm and they pay me peanuts end month. At GIF I can manage my time and have all the freedom. I don’t trade my time for MONEY.
2.Financial Freedom????
I love the Global Internet Fortunes concept since you can decide the amount of money you want to make each month.
Yes you must work hard but do you think there is any LAZY MILLIONAIRE? or have you ever heard someone dying for working hard? So you can work SMART in GIF and both your personal and family financial position will never be the same again.
Today the business is paying me hugely and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.Am also Enjoying GIF trainings and through that I have become a better Person and Leader. Through GIF training am now able to Customize my website and Monetize on it. 
If you are there and Have Big GOALS and you are Looking for both Time and Financial Freedom, Global Internet Fortunes is a Perfect Opportunity for you. Welcome to the team. 

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