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My name is Ibrahim Arandi an Engineer by Profession but I don’t practice it at the moment since I had a passion for working online. I had decided in advance that I would never be employed after finishing my studies. So when I saw the GIF Opportunity I didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity and engage in GIF business on a Full-time basis.Working out my business for a span of over 4 years I have accomplished alot including changing my lifestyle. Online Work has also enabled me to travel to many countries in the world. One of my biggest accomplishments With GIF is buying my first car a Subaru Impreza which also made me to be the first car achiever in GIF. Courtesy of GIF I have also managed to invest in several pieces of lands and i’m proud  to be a landlord. I have also been able to achieve Financial Freedom earning over Ksh 300,000 on  monthly basis and on top of it Time freedom working under my own terms enabling me  to spend more time with my family. I’m proud to say that under my mentorship many lives have been transformed and this includes helping one of my success team own his first car too,(Mr Antony Kanogo) a Volkwagen Golf. Many families have been able to Pay their bills and many students have also been able to pay their School fees by working with GIF and that’s my Joy. 

My message to anyone looking for a lifetime online platform Join GIF because at GIF you will be able to attain both financial and time freedom at an early age. At GIF you will also get a chance to Tour the World, Inspire many lives and also achieve your Goals. 
Our wide range of services and products too are at a high demand bearing in mind that most businesses are moving online and would definitely need a website to promote their business. Our company offers website customization trainings unlike other Web hosting companies out there. 
All this has been achieved through the support of our Company’s Leadership under Great guidance from our CEO Mr Kimathi Kamundeh who over the years has continued to support us. Indeed Under the guidance of a strong General, there will never be weak soldiers.
I’m Looking forward to Help More People Achieve their dreams with GIF. 
I’m proud to be GIF member. 

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